The Ballroom

The ballroom was designed to be festive with a high ceiling from the outset. On the walls, portraits of Ostrobothnian dignitaries such as Chydenius, Snellman, and Topelius keep an eye on the festivities. A private, fully equipped bar can be opened on these premises.

9 x 13 m free floor space
Stage 6,5 x 2 m with addition 4 x 2 m

Space for seating 50–120 persons
Cocktail party for 100–200 persons
Class room formation 40–70 persons
Chairs in rows 70–140 persons

The Chydenius cabinet can also be connected to the Ballroom. In such a case the space can seat:
Seating for 120 – 200 persons
Coctail party for 200 – 300 persons
Entire Banguet floor for max. 500 persons

Technical equipment
The Ballroom Premises can be equipped with the most common audiovisual devices and video equipment. A complete arrangement of audio equipment, DJ equipment, and extensive lighting technology is also available.

More Venues

The Topelius cabinet

min 30 max 100

The Chydenius cabinet

9,5 x 7 m
min 20 max 70

The Snellman cabinet

6,5 x 6,5 m
min 10 max 32

The Jaeger room

10 x 6 m
min 12 max 22


min 6 max 12

The Runeberg cabinet

5 x 5 m
min 5 max 12

Breakout room

Max 8 persons

Tina Club

min 30 max 80

Manala cellar

10 x 6 m
min 20 max 50