Small buffet

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These menus are primarily for sale to Tina Club and Manala Basement. Minimum charge for 10 people.


Manala Basement pizzamenu

Herb green salad and house vinaigrette G, VE

Two different pizzas from the Pan pizza -menu (2 pieces / person)


Toppings, choose two:

Vegan verde: Green asparagus, olive, romesco sauce, rocket

Margarita: Tomato sauce, fresh Mozzarella di Bufala, basil oil

Paradise: Ham, pineapple, shrimp, blue cheese

Pepperoni: Pepperoni sausage, red onion

Renna: Smoked reindeer, blue cheese, fresh mushroom

Tuna: Tuna (MSC), shrimps, dill

17,00 € / person

Botta's antipasti

Choose three:

Roasted eggplant and paprika hummus G, VE

Marinated olives and artichoke hearts G, VE

Mediterranean sausages and melon G, M

Grilled salmon and tomato-caper vinaigrette G, M

White cottage cheese and Botta jam G

Marinated mushrooms and thyme fraiche G, VE

Dried cherry tomatoes and feta G, VL


Antipasti is served with focaccia and homemade tomato tapenade M

25,50 € / person

Sparkling & sweet

A glass of Cava 12 cl

Assortment of small sweet treats and fruits

18,50 € / person

Fingerfood deluxe

Pan pizza and herb green salad, house vinaigrette

Two optional antipasti

Sparkling wine and sweets

39,50 € / person

Salad buffet

Green herb salad with vinaigrette sauce G, M

House bread and butter L


Two or three optional salads:

Melon salad G, VE

Ratatouille vegetables and basil G, VE

Marinated mushrooms G, VE

Sweet potato and chickpea salad G, VE

Beetroot-quinoa salad G, VE

Dill-potato salad G, VE

Apple-pecorino salad G, L

Greek salad G, VL / (VE)

Smoked salmon salad G, M

Chicken salad G, M

Ham-pasta salad M


Two optional salads + green herb salad and bread 39 €

Three optional salads + green herb salad and bread 44 €

39 € | 44 € / person

Coffee & Tea

Coffee or tea

3,90 € / person