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Botta's group menus

Head chef Mikko Nyman and his team have created a delicious journey into the world of classic dishes and seasonal delicacies.

Botta’s kitchens dishes is highly self-made. In our kitchen pots, broths are made almost daily, and our professional kitchen staff prepares delicious menus with passion and pride.

Menus are available on our party floor by prior arrangement for groups for both lunch and dinner. Minimum 20 people.


Lemon-engraved salmon, fennel-cucumber salad G, M

Beef marble fillet, malt sauce, roasted small tomatoes and potato L

Chocolate cake, blackberry compote and yogurt mousse G, L

59.50 € / person


Paprika hummus, roasted tomatoes, marinated olives and pine nuts G, VE

Cold-smoked tofu, beetroot puree, roasted pumpkin and potato G, VE

Stewed pear, coconut cream and dark chocolate G, VE

59,50 € / person

From the Lakes & Woods

Botta’s fish catch of the day, pickled vegetables and sour cream G, L

Lovage soup G, L (May-September)

Pumpkin soup G, L (October-April)

Charred Arctic char, crab sauce, spinach and lemon potato G, L

Calvados apple, orange cream and almond praline G, L

You can also choose three courses for € 63.50

We require a uniform menu selection for the whole group.

69 € / person

President Kekkonen

Whitefish tartar, gin-marinated cucumber and Botta’s crispbread L

Roast deer, blackcurrant sauce, seasonal vegetables and thyme potatoes G, L

Sea buckthorn pudding and jammed varnish G, L

72 € / person


(minimum 10 people)

Canapé serving
herring, salmon, reindeer L

Lovage soup (May-September) G, L
Pumpkin soup (October-April) G, L

Whitefish tartar, gin marinated cucumbers and sour cream G, L

Chicken liver pate, red onion compote and pickles G, L

Beef tenderloin, red wine sauce, beetroot puree and roasted celeriac and potato G, L

Vineyard cheese and Botta’s compote G, L

Pearl porridge and jammed varnish G, L

Petit fours
Coffee and tea

99,50 € / person

Coffee and Tea

Coffee or tea

3,90 €