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Botta's group menus

Botta’s kitchen dishes are highly self-made. Our kitchen pots make broths almost daily, and our professional kitchen staff prepares delicious menus with great passion and pride.

Group menus are available on our event and meeting floors by prior arrangement for groups bigger than 20 people for both lunch and dinner time.


Cured white fish with rye crumble and dill mayo M, (G)

Beef marble fillet with thyme potatoes, seasonal vegetables and cognac flavored pepper sauce G, L

Botta´s chocolate cake with cherries G, VE

59,50 € / person


Roasted topinambur soup with truffle oil G, VE

Bean ballotine with roasted vegetables and pumpkin risotto G, L, (VE)

Sea buckthorn pudding G, VE

57,50 € / person


Elk tartar with egg yolk and horse radish dressing G, M

Roasted topinambur soup with truffle oil G, VE

Catch of a Finnish fish with forest mushrooms, fennel potatoes and white wine sauce G, L

Finnish oven made bread cheese with cloudberry jam G, L

You can also choose three courses for € 63

We require a uniform menu selection for the whole group.

69 € / person


Rillette of smoked vendace with dill-potato salad, marinated fennel and crispy buckwheat L

Reindeer fillet with fried topinambur, beet root hash and blueberry-juniper sauce G, M

Lingonberry semolina with merengue L

72 € / person


Canapé serving
elk, white fish, mushroom L

Seasonal soup G, L

Pickled salmon with dill oil and fennel salad G, M

Botta’s vorschmack with pickled beet roots, pickles and sour cream G, L (inc. fish)

Reindeer fillet with rosemary potatoes, roasted vegetables and dark juniper sauce G, M

Finnish cheeses with Botta’s compote G

Cloudberry Crème Brûlée G, L

Petit fours with coffee / tea

For 10-22 people groups. Serving will take up to four hours.

99,50 € / person

Coffee and Tea

Coffee or tea

4,20 €