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Botta's group menus

Head chef Mikko Nyman and his team have created a delicious journey into the world of classic dishes and seasonal delicacies.

Botta’s kitchens dishes is highly self-made. In our kitchen pots, broths are made almost daily, and our professional kitchen staff prepares delicious menus with passion and pride.

Menus are available on our party floor by prior arrangement for groups for both lunch and dinner. Minimum 20 people.


Sugar&salt graved rainbow trout, pickled cucumber and mustard seeds G, M

Filet of domestic beef tenderloin, port wine sauce and seasonal vegetables, herb potato cake G, L

Pannacotta and jammed cloudberry G, L

55 € / person

President Kekkonen

Cold smoked pike, rainbow trout roe, rye chips, dill cream L

Reindeer roast, crackled vegetables, potato purée and dark lingonberry sauce G, L

Cloudberry soup, Kainuu’s bread cheese, sugarcoated sea-buckthorn berrys G, L

63 € / person

From the Lakes & Woods

Bottas fish selection, grandma’s cucumber, Maalahti loaf bread L

Asparagus soup (May-September) G, L
Black salsify Soup (October-April) G, L

Haltered char, chives-sauce, dill potatoes G, L

Cranberries and salted caramel G, L

You can also choose three dishes for the price of € 59

We require a uniform menu selection for the whole group.

65 € / person


Beetroot carpaccio and mushroom quenelle G, VE

Marinated tofu, seasonal vegetables and spinach G, VE

Dark chocolate mousse and sour cherry compote G, VE

54 € / person (vegan)

Jaeger menu

The festive Jaeger menu is dedicated for the jaegers who are thought to be the starters of the act of Finland becoming independent. The menu is served in the Ostrobotnia jaeger cabinet´s historic milieu and it is designed for 8-22 persons. No additional rental.

Canapé serving
– herring, salmon and reindeer L

Asparagus Soup (May – September) G, L
Black salsify Soup (October – April) G, L

Cold smoked pike, rye chips, dill cream L

Smoked ham, plum marmalade, cabbage salad G, M

Whole roasted domestic beef tenderloin, celery cream and fried ceps G, L

Cheeses from the Helsinki Dairy Store G

Milk chives and oven apple jam G, L

Petit fours
Dark organic coffee and organic tea

92,50 € / person

Coffee and Tea

Coffee or tea

3,90 €