Sit-down-dinner options

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  • Sugar&salt graved rainbow trout, mustard dressing and raddish salad
  • Filet of beef, red wine sauce and roasted vegetables
  • Chocolate cake and raspberry-white chocolate mousse
  • Coffee / tea

49€ / person

  • Max 40 persons
  • Roasted beetroot, rucola and goat cheese with nuts
  • Fried whitefish, lobster sauce, parsley-potato cake and vegetables
  • Raspberry & blueberry cheesecake
  • Coffee/tea

54€ / person

From the Lakes & Woods
  • Fish roe (vendace) mousse and smoked fish on a small bread, herb salad
  • Roast of venison, Grand Veneur sauce and roots grilled with honey
  • Cardamom pannacotta and marinated berries
  • Coffee / tea

56€ / person

  • Roasted beetroot and nuts, balsamico syrup and rucola
  • Grilled tofu, sweet pepper sauce and warm bulgur salad with veggies
  • Sorbet, mint and strawberry salad
  • Coffee / tea

44€ / person (vegan)

Jaeger menu

 The festive Jaeger menu is dedicated for the jaegers who are thought to be the starters of the act of Finland becoming independent. The menu is served in the Ostrobotnia jaeger cabinet´s historic milieu and it is designed for 8-22 persons. The price includes a festive setting with flowers and decorations and there is no charge for the rental.

  • Fish roe-, reindeer- and cheese tostadas
  • Cauliflower Soup
  • Salmon tartar, horse raddish creme
  • Smoked breast of duck, black currant sauce
  • Fried filet of beef, grilled Jerusalem artichoke and mashed wild mushrooms
  • Cream custard
  • Coffee / tea

79€ / person

Vegetarian Jaeger menu
  • Olive-, mushroom- and cheese tostadas
  • Cauliflower Soup
  • Tomato-caper-red onion tartar
  • Smoked tofu and black currant sauce
  • Grilled eggplant, Jerusalem artichoke and wild mushroom, romesco sauce
  • Cream custard
  • Coffee / tea

74€ / person