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Head chef Mikko Nyman and his team have created a delicious journey into the world of classic dishes and seasonal delicacies. Botta’s kitchens dishes is highly self-made. In our kitchen pots, broths are made almost daily, and our professional kitchen staff prepares delicious menus with great passion and pride.


Menus are available on our party floor by prior arrangement for groups for both lunch and dinner.

Buffet Nordic

Selection of Atlantic herrings and Baltic herrings G

Whitefish tartar and gin cucumbers G, M

Smoked salmon salad G, M

Dill potato salad G, M

Herb green salad and vinaigrette G, M

Pickled vegetables G, M

Cold-smoked reindeer, lingonberry and horseradish sauce G, M

Homemade bread and whipped butter L

Malt-glazed overripe ox neck, seasonal vegetables and herb potatoes M


Oven-roasted salmon seasoned with herbs, seasonal vegetables and lemon butter potatoes G, L

“Pappilan hätävara” (traditional Scandinavian dessert) L



(With two main courses € 59.50)

55,50 € / person


Panzanella salad and bufala mozzarella

Gravlax and tomato-caper vinaigrette G, M

Octopus salad G, M

Herb green salad and vinaigrette G, M

Marinated olives and artichoke hearts G, M

Mediterranean cold cuts and melon G, M

Focaccia and tomato tapenade M

Whole fried pork tenderloin, honey-port wine sauce, fennel and parmesan potatoes G, L

Espresso pannacotta, hazelnut brittle and chocolate G, L

59,50 € / person

Buffet Meze

Sweet potato-chickpea salad and harissa yogurt G, VE

Tabbouleh salad VE

Herb green salad and vinaigrette G, VE

Moroccan chicken skewers G, M

Baba ghanoush G, VE

Pita bread and paprika hummus VE

Spicy chicken tagine, mint yogurt and pilaf rice G, L


Falafels, roasted cabbage, tomato sauce and pilaf rice VE

Orange-almond cake and pistachio L

58,00 € / person

Buffet Vegetable

Melon-cucumber salad G, VE

Apple pecorino salad G, L

Marinated mushrooms and thyme fraiche G, VE

Sweet potato and chickpea salad G, VE

Herb green salad and vinaigrette G, M

Focaccia and tomato tapenade M

Thyme barley, beluga lentils, roasted celeriac and fennel-yoghourt sauce L (VE)

Chocolate tart and raspberry G, VE

55,50 € / person

Coffee & Tea

Coffee or tea

3,90 €