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Head chef Mikko Nyman and his team have created a delicious journey into the world of classic dishes and seasonal delicacies. Botta’s kitchens dishes is highly self-made. In our kitchen pots, broths are made almost daily, and our professional kitchen staff prepares delicious menus with great passion and pride.


Menus are available on our party floor by prior arrangement for groups for both lunch and dinner.

Buffet Nordic

Botta’s herring G

Warm-smoked whitefish, Nobis sauce G, L

Shrimp Skagen G, L

Potato salad G, VE

Green salad and ramsons vinaigrette G, M

Grandma’s cucumbers G, M

Deer sausage and Botta’s mustard L

House bread and butter

Chuck roll, pepper sauce, seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes G, L


Roasted Finnish rainbow trout, dill-butter sauce, seasonal vegetables and crushed potatoes G, L

Dessert selection


(With two main courses € 55.50)

49,50 € / person


Grilled vegetables G, VE

Buffalo mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and pesto G, VL

Citrus marinated salmon G, M

Seafood pasta salad L

Herb salad and parmesan chips G, L

The best cold cuts in the Mediterranean G, M

Focaccia and olive oil

Chicken breast saltimbocca, Marsala sauce, seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes G, M

Botta’s tiramisu L

Cantuccini biscuits

52,00 € / person

Buffet America

Roasted pumpkin and maple syrup G, M

Nacho salad L

Shrimp salad and cocktail sauce G, L

Ranch salad G, L

Corn-glazed chicken and chili mayonnaise G, L

Bread and cream cheese

Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, seasonal vegetables, mac & cheese and herb potato wedges L


Cajun seasoned salmon, tomato salsa and roasted potatoes G, M

Rocky Road


(Two main courses 54 €)

49,00 € / person

Buffet Vegetable

Grilled vegetables and beans G, VE

Roasted pumpkin and maple syrup G, VE

Green salad and blackberry vinaigrette G, VE

Potato salad G, VE

Grandma’s cucumbers G, VE

House bread and hummus VE

Hemp-lentil pattys, beetroot-pearl barley and seasonal vegetables  VE

Dark chocolate mousse, sour cherry compote G, VE

53,50 € / person

Coffee & Tea

Coffee or tea

3,90 €